It is authentic, simple and illuminates the eyes.

Getting older becomes a privilege because aging in beauty, is to refine its state of mind.


   Beauty is defined by the way we take care of ourselves, our body, our mind, our diet and our skin. These are the rituals we practice every day that make our being reveal itself at each age, in differents ways.


   Organic cosmetics Ocha Organica accompanies you to redefine your beauty ritual by renewing yourself with respect for your health, and our planet. By putting these simple and meaningful gestures into the cousciousness of what our body absorbs, we allow our body and mind to be nourished in a healthy way, through the power of the plant.


   Aromatherapy affect our health, moods, and well-being. The fragrances of Ocha Organica products made from our essentiel oils, have been designed to create luxurious cocooning moments, that will elevate your state of mind because of the soothing, relaxing, harmonizing, positive, comforting and balancing effects. And the list goes on because the properties of essentiel oils are multiple. All your senses wil be used.


   We hope to inspire you to develop simple routines that will propel your state of mind towards unsuspected places, towards your authenticity, towards your real beauty.




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