Marula oil is relatively new in the world of high-end cosmetics.


   The Marula tree is found mainly in the forested regions of southern Africa and in the sub-Saharan part of West Africa. Elephants feed on them abundantly. The fruits of the tree are picked by hand and then pressed to recover the oil.


   With its large amounts of antioxidants, oleic acid and vitamine C and E, Marula oil is one of the best natural protections for the skin against the effects of aging. Cells are more resistant to damage caused by free radicals and pollution. These fatty acids hydrate and reduce redness while providing great protection during extreme cold or dry, hot weather. Its fine molecular structure allows it to penetrate deep into the skin which gives it exceptional qualities of hydration and protection.


Here are its main properties:


  • Protection of the skin against UV rays and external aggressions (cold, wind, pollution…)

  • Antioxydant, it fights against premature aging

  • Reduces inflammation and calms irritated skin

  • It softens the skin and maintain its hydration

  • Replenishing, it promotes cellular regeneration

  • Reverses photo-aging

  • Hydrates the deepest parts of the skin

  • Boost cell activity

  • Antimicrobial properties

  • Nourishing and restructuring

  • Maintains suppleness and elasticity

  • Stimulates the collagen production leading to firmer and smoother skin

  • Reduces scars and pigmentation

  • Very easily absorbed by the skin and “non-greasy” effect

  • Balanced and non-comedogenic PH


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