Since childhood, the forest inspired, nourished, elevated and healed me. I enjoy the fragrances emerging from the forest, its energy and particularly, the knowledge i learned from mother nature.

   I have always been passionate about essential oils and believed in the power of nature. Having been a practitioner in the aesthetic industry for several years, I have worked with various professional renowned cosmetic lines. Through the years, I  have searched extensively for pure biological and natural skin care  but realized, it does not exist.  Hence, came the idea of creating products containing oils and organic ingredients I wished I had found in skin care products and dreamed of applying on my skin.


   OCHA, which means “pure” in the African language, reflects this idea; a  range of superior quality products, crafted from the purest and  natural organic ingredients. Extracted from the Marula fruit tree, which grows mainly in Southern Africa, Marula oil is highly valued for its almost miraculous virtues by its people and the cosmetic industry. Incorporating essential oils, hydrolats, vegetable oils, butters, plant powders, vitamins and minerals, facilitate the diffusion of ingredients through all layers of your skin, from hypodermis to the epidermis..


    It is imperative to understand that the body absorbs everything we apply onto our skin. The first step towards revitalization is avoiding applying harmful chemicals that could potentially lead to a myriad of health problems. Applying a face cream or body lotion with confidence and pleasure transforms how the body assimilates the cream/lotion as a consequence, the benefits are multiplied.


 I invite you to discover the power of nature, explore its exceptional fragrances and experience the luxury of nature’s nutrients.   Each jar contains the finest ingredients that have been meticulously selected to complement every skin type.  Your skin will improve significantly and you will feel renewed.  Nature teaches us to reconnect with our own essence, I invite you to embark on a first class journey into the wonderful world of organic cosmetics.



Cathy Cleary

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